Elgin's Staghorn Hey Macarena

September 13, 1998-September 23, 2009

This was our Rena, having a great time in the field.

Rena and Terri Rena relaxing with Terri, there was no greater love.


Rena was the daughter of our very own Ch. Lindenhall's McIlwain Protégé (Mac). Her full name was Elgin's Staghorn Hey Macarena, after her dad of course. She was an exceptionally pretty girl. After retiring from our breeding program, we had hoped to keep Rena, however, she had a condition called Ovarian Remnant Syndrome, which meant that despite the fact that we had her spayed, a few elusive reproductive cells had remained and kept causing her to come into pseudo heat cycles, which drove her poor aging sire, Mac, wild. She was the chosen favourite of our grandaughter Leah (then still a toddler) and when we made the difficult decision to place her, we matched her up in a home with a little girl our Leah's age. I remember when her new mom, Melissa called me, looking for an older dog who was really good with children. I told her I had the best dog in the world. I am sure she must have thought I was a tad full of it, but she came and they loved Rena and couldn't believe how good she was with their little girl Hannah. Rena was a wonderful pet for them and they thanked us immensely over the years for her, as she was so very devoted to her entire new family, especially their little girl. When the time sadly came that Rena had reached the end of her journey on earth, her family was devastated. They gently helped her to the Bridge and in order to always keep her with them, they had her cremated. Melissa reports that Rena's beautiful urn is in their bedroom and their little girl Hannah still talks to her everyday. Hearing that brought tears to my eyes.

We miss you Rena. You and your family were a match made in Heaven, each equally lucky to have the other. I will always miss you and we still have toys here that are named after you (Rena Rings). I'll see you and Mac at the Bridge, my beautiful Rena.

" Rena Macarena, Ballerina. Pretty Rena".................. I still sing your song over and over in my mind. You're gone, but you're "here" in my heart. Rest in Peace, you beautiful soul.

Rena with her Cash babies where she always welcomed my granddaughters to lay with her babies:

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