Staghorn's Fearless Aurelius

Auri was a very special girl. She was originally sold to a breeder, but when I learned that conditions were no longer stable there, I repossessed her and she was nursed back to health by my vet. A wonderful home was found for her in Peterborough, with Gary and family. Her hips, elbows and eyes cleared with no problems and her temperament was excellent. Auri gave Staghorn and Devonsleigh Labradors each a lovely litter. When she came to visit at Staghorn, she loved the wide open fields, and like both her father and her mother, was very self confident, well behaved and a pleasure to have in the house. Her parents were Chelsea (Ch Lindenhall's Legacy At Staghorn) and Mac, (Ch. Lindenhall's McIlwain Protege). Auri was spayed and fully retired to her much deserved life of "Riley" with Gary and family. She sadly passed away during an anaphilactic reaction to a bee sting, while in the car, on the way to the vet. We were deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Auri. Run free at the Bridge with your dad and other relatives, until we see you again, sweet Auri.

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