Lindenhall's Prima Donna (a.k.a. Donna)

Our Donna is quite a girl. As you can see, like her dad Mac, she has a pail fetish. When she was here at Staghorn, she loved to play with the pail in the field. She pranced around, holding the heavy pail up in the air so proudly, thinking she's so special. She was so afraid the others would try to get it from her, but they just didn't seem to share her and Mac's delight in pails. Donna is a very happy girl, quite light in colour, a nice square head and an allround very nice girl. She wiggled with excitement when I sang the song "Prima Donna" to her each morning, after she ate. I still think of her every time I hear that song. She was named Donna because she was born on September 16, which is the same birthday as my long time, childhood girlfriend named Donna, who sadly I have lost contact with and have not been able to locate.

To my total sadness, Donna was badly hurt in a kennel fight. She underwent extensive surgery and after a very long and dificult recovery for Donna, I decided that I could never, ever put her through the pain of delivering puppies. She had already had enough pain to last a lifetime. She remained in the house with us for a long time, while recovering and once she was well enough, she went in for spay surgery, and as soon as she recovered from that, I took her stitches out and she went off to her new home with Ed and Karen and her doggy "brother" Timber. These people are very, very committed and devoted people, the very kind of home my Donna girl needed. It broke my heart to see Donna so injured, and it broke my heart to watch how kind and happy she remained despite horrific pain. And yet again, it broke my heart to let her go.

Unbelievably and horrifically, I received a call from Karen that Donna was diagnosed with a very serious type of cancer on her muzzle. It was so serious that either radiation treatments, surgery to remove her nose, or euthanasia were ultimate options. I cannot tell you how devastated I was to think that after all this poor girl had been through, she was destined for more pain, and possibly, to not survive. It seemed such a cruel fate for Donna. After much deliberation, Karen and Ed decided that Donna would have the radiation treatments, regardless of the cost. When they called me to tell me their decision, I cried with joy. Bless their kind and generous hearts, they drove this girl to Guelph from Toronto, every day for 4 weeks. A few very kind and concerned Labrador Breeders donated to Donna's treatment fund. Donna has done very well and appears to be recovering well. That Donna has had a chance at life has totally warmed my heart. To Ed and Karen, I am forever indebted to you for the love and commitment you have showered upon Donna. Every dog should be so blessed as to have a home like you have given my sweet Donna. There will ALWAYS be a very special place for you both and Donna, in my heart.

Donna Donna, the Prima Donna, I miss you sweetheart. Only because I know you're having a wonderful life with Ed, Karen and Timber, can I bear the fact that you aren't here with me anymore.


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