Mac at Show


March 27, 1994 to April 16, 2007

Number 2 Labrador in Canada, 1996 AND 1997.

The picture above was taken when Mac was a young boy, in his prime, a well muscled dog, with good angles plus true movement coming and going. He attained his two majors in the US, but due to a head injury while being boarded, which caused Belle's Palsy, he was never able to finish his Am Championship, which was VERY disappointing. It is very hard to get those majors in the states, but he easily attained them. Mac was a natural showman and really strutted his stuff to an appreciative audience. In his later years, he showed as a very proud and dignified senior Veteran.  Everyone enjoyed his gentle companionship, and he loved the affection that people adorned him with. Mac was first and foremost, a wonderful family companion and was Linda's pride and joy. He stamped his type on his offspring for many years.  Mac sired many lovely pups and many of his kids & grandkids went on to become Champions and other title holders. The Number One Lab in Canada for 2008 is from two Champion Staghorn Labs and a strong line breeding on Mac. Wilson is Mac's grandson on one side of his pedigree and great-grandson on the other side. We think this speaks to the legacy of quality that Mac left us here at Staghorn. We are fortunate to have his son McDuff, (Ch. Staghorn's Prodigal Son) and his grandson, Dempsey, (Lindenhall's Jack Dempsey Floyd.)

Mac was gently helped to the other side by our wonderful vet, Mark deWolde and his caring vet tech, Tara Colling, at home in front of our hearth, where he always played and slept. I need not tell you that my heart broke that day. He was cremated by the professional services of Graeme Burdon and his urn sits proudly on our mantle, watching over his progeny here at Staghorn. Needless to say, a piece of our hearts went with Mac to the Bridge. When the rest of us finally make it there, I know he'll be waiting and we'll all be whole again. Thank you to Peggy Donovan for 13+ years of one of your finest breeding, and to the well known and well loved man himself, for being my loyal and faithful heart dog. I miss you Mac and I'll love you always. Until we meet again, by "baby boy"..............

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Our sunhine calendar boy..........Photo  © Marc Raycroft

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Mac the couch potato
At 11 years old, Mac still loved to retrieve. His water entry off the end of the dock was impressive for a dog at ANY age, let alone an 11 year old, and he swam as strong as any. I will cherish his memory forever.

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