Ch. Staghorn The Legacy Lives On (a.k.a. Macy)

Hips/Elbows Clear, Annual CERF, Optigen A-1

Macy making the cut for Best of Breed, (above,) with a junior handler, at the Eastern Ontario Labrador Breeder's Association Specialty Show, June, '04, under respected judge, Barbara Barfield, from Scrimshaw Labrador's in the USA. See below for more pictures.

We waited for a very long time for a yellow girl out of our Chelsea (Ch Lindenhall's Legacy At Staghorn, now retired) and Mac. This girl was definitely well worth the wait. Excellent form, outstanding head and tail, self confident, this girl has it all. We had very high hopes for Macy in our breeding program. After some puppyhood Pano, once she got out to shows, she easily attained her Canadian Championship. She also took Reserve Winners Bitch at the Atlantic Specialty show, in Halifax. Named for both her parents, she has great traits from both. She looks and behaves a lot like her Dad. Labrador Fanciers who visited us easily picked Macy out, for her solid, stocky appearance. When she got all her clearances including Optigen, and was so gorgeous, I couldn't have been happier or prouder. I had such high hopes for Macy's breeding career. Only a breeder who has experienced both bursting with pride and happiness over their dogs and sobbing with heartbreak, can relate to the sadness I felt when attempt after attempt to get her pregnant failed. FINALLY, she was pregnant, and I was so happy. Ok, so only 3 babies born, but two lovely girls and a sweet boy. Sadly, Macy seemed to know something wasn't right as she wouldn't settle down and was quite frantic, and about 24 hours later, the boy died. And to add to my heartbreak, the one little girl just wasn't coming along either, and despite bottle feeding her and round the clock care, that little female went to the Rainbow Bridge as well. You can imagine my heartbreak and my fear of even beginning to hope that the last remaining little girl might make it. Macy settled and was a WONDERFUL mother with her. After a few days, her behaviour as an excellent, doting mom told me that things were going to be ok. My little cherub, Dusty, is the sum total of her mother's offspring and of course, we have very high hopes for her.

Macy has been my pride and joy. It's not every day that a breeder can produce a girl with her structure, coat and overall quality, including temperament. She'll always be loved here at Staghorn. We let Macy retire and join a young and active family where she is very much loved. We hope our Dusty can carry on Macy's legacy.

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