Curman's Golden Nugget (a.k.a. Nugget)

Ch.Haddondale's Charlemagne, CD X Miss Mandy's Fancy

D.O.B. March 22, 2003

Hips/Elbows Certified Clear, CERF cleared annually.

Nugget joined the ranks of the Staghorn Girls in September '05. We purchased her from our good friend, Paul Walker, on P.E.I. We are very happy with her. A big thank you to Paul. Nugget goes back to some bloodlines that we have always admired, here at Staghorn. She is a very light creme yellow, has excellent rear angles, very nice coat and tail, good pigment and a very pleasing face. She is very obedient, from the day we picked her up in the Maritimes and drove all day with her in the car with us, she's been a treat and a joy to be around. Since we arrived home with her and introduced her into our kennel, she has obeyed my every command and has never given me a moment's trouble. She is not dominant AT ALL, a very soft, kind personality and quiet, (I've never heard her bark, except if I'm too slow in the morning to get her breakfast ready, but she's never barked out in the kennel or in the field, not even once.) So she fits right in with the girls here, the other girls all like her, and she is a pleasure to have in the kennel. Nothing thrills her more than to go out into our large fenced field, and retrieve the ball. She brings it back and sits at my side EVERY time. When it's someone else's turn, she is very patient and behaves herself. She is the very kind of Labrador that time and again, families request of me. I feel that Nugget has some definite qualities to offer my bloodlines. Nugget presented me with 13 beautiful babies in November '05, and we have kept her little daughter Rhythm, who is a sweet girl, like her mom.




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