The Retired Staghorn Girls

This is Chelsea, (Ch Lindenhall Legacy at Staghorn) winning Best Puppy in Show while being shown toward


Chelsea whelped her fourth and final litter, and is very deserving of her retirement home in Ottawa, where she is the "Queen Bee," the one and only.  Her new Mom and Dad waited a long time for her. I sorely miss her, and think about her every day.  Her new mom keeps me posted on how happy she is, and I know in my heart, that I did the most unselfish thing in the world when I let her join Caroline & Gene's family.  Chelsea is one happy little girl, her tail never stops wagging! Lovely square head, nice dark eye.  All pups from her previous litters have grown up to be fantastic looking labs with excellent temperaments. I kept a darling little yellow girl, from Chelsea and Mac, and  named her Staghorn's Legacy Lives On.  (Call name Macy) Some of Chelsea's pups can

Chelsea with Mac puppiesChelsea

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The foundation of my chocolate line was Bambi, (Mollyreach Bambi at Staghorn.)  She is the daughter of Am Ch. Banner's Muskelunge Buckeye, a top winning U.S. chocolate male. She is a pretty bitch who produced very nice puppies. She was obedient, faithful and loving, a very kind girl, and was a pleasure to have at my feet. Bambi was spayed after three lovely litters.  She now adorns the chesterfield of the Haight family, and enjoys swimming daily at their waterfront home, 20 minutes south of us. We love to visit her when we can.  Bambi's legacy will live on through her daughter Coco, now a lovely mature champion. Some of her pups can also be seen in our Hall of Fame.

BambiBambi with Buster Puppies.

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This is Lindenhall's Cashmere, aka: "Sweety Pup".  She was Mac's half sister. Staghorn was home to Sweety Pup for her final litter, a lovely tri-coloured litter of 10, out of our own Buster Browne.  Sweety was spayed after this litter and retired to live with a family. To our horror and grief, Sweety bolted from their home and despite many hours and many efforts by myself and my dear friend, Joanne Fernall, she has not been found.   We treasured our time with Sweety Pup and she will not be forgotten at Staghorn.   

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