Moosecreek's Staghorn Stella

Stella at 6 months

A playful Stella at 11 months

Norham's Mocha at Moose Creek WC  X Ch. Lindenhall's Buster Browne

Stella grew to be a lovely compact chocolate girl, with a winning personality.  She was well liked by the humans and dogs alike, at Staghorn.  There is not a defiant or mean bone in Stella's body.  Sadly, 8 of the 9 babies in her last litter, went off to the rainbow bridge. That was one of my lowest points in breeding and tested my commitment to breeding to the very soul. I retired Stella and after being spayed, she went off to join the home of one of her son's from a previous litter, Watson and his family. The family really love Stella too. The second day she lived with them, she participated in an Ottawa doggy walkathon with Watson and we got great pictures of her wearing a tee shirt and sun glasses. She always did seem to be where the "action" is. She is enjoying the good life with a wonderful family.

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