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Expecting black and yellow puppies Dec 6/7, 2019

We’re expecting to have some exciting news soon. We are currently taking reservations on future litters.

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Please inquire if you're in interested in our puppies. I'd love to have you visit us and meet our Labradors with the tails that simply never stop wagging. These parents are from top pedigrees, with much promise for excellence in comformation, trainability and temperament. Please email to inquire.

If you are interested in visiting us and meeting our dogs with a view to being placed on our waiting list, please contact me a linda@staghorn-labs.com I'd love to have you come and visit us, see our home-based facilities, meet myself and my dogs and review my breeding plans with me. See below re: health clearances.

All our breeding stock are OFA certified free and clear of hip/elbow dysplasia and Cerf cleared annually by a qualified canine opthalmogist, to have normal eyes, and/or to have no evidence of conditions which are suspected to be inherited. We also invest in genetic testing, to assure that we are selectively breeding parents who will not produce PRCD PRA, a genetically recessive, blinding eye disease. Many of our breeding stock also have cardiac clearances (ECHO doppler ultrasounds of the heart). We encourage puppy buyers who are looking to adopt a new member of their family, (one that will hopefully be healthy both physically and psychologically) to inspect such health certificates and to ask questions of the Breeder, in order to assure yourself that you are dealing with a well educated Breeder who has a solid working understanding of the official breed standard, who knows the possible health issues in their breed and the risk factors related to them, (each breed can have them.) Also look for a Breeder who you feel can communicate with you in a fashion that will ensure years of comfortable and intelligent communication, especially should any issues arise that require you both to walk hand in hand together, for the benefit of your puppy. While I can provide numerous references from folks who have not experienced any problems with their Staghorn dogs, I can also provide references from people who contacted me regarding a problem and who were very satisfied with how I handled it and who continue to this day, to refer friends and family to me. We also encourage that you ensure that you are able to visit the parents and other relatives to the upcoming puppies, (sometimes the sire is not onsite, but sometimes he is). This will help you predict what your puppy's temperament might be like. Assure yourself that they are not skittish, fearful or (of course), aggressive. Check out the facilities of the Breeder to determine their investment in their breeding program, and to determine whether or not you feel the Breeder is dedicated to their Labradors and will be around in several years, or whether they have the facilities to take back any dog that they have brought into this world, should the dog's buyer not be able to keep it. A reputable Breeder takes full responsibility for the LIFETIME of the dogs they breed, and they will NOT burden the Humane Societies or rescue shelters with their dogs.

All Staghorn puppies are sold on a non breeding agreement and pets must be spayed or neutered at the agreed upon and recommended age. We encourage families who have bought puppies from us to keep in touch, send pictures and notes about their pups. This helps us with future breeding decisions. Thanks in advance.