Belquest Victory At Staghorn (a.k.a. Vicky)

D.O.B. August 1, 2002.

Hips and Elbows Clear, eyes cerf cleared annually.


Vicky came from Belquest Reg'd in Maryland. Named for her breeder, Vicky Creamer, this lovely girl had matured beautifully and is a delight to have in our kennel. Vicky is non demanding, though loves attention and in her quiet fashion, has gained the respect the other girls in our kennel. Both her parents are handsome American Champions. Vicky has a very nice front, excellent rear angles, very good reach and drive, and is a medium to dark yellow, with darker ears. She has full hip, elbow and eye clearances and has made a major contributin to our breeding program at Staghorn. Vicky is a very quiet, non demanding, sweet natured girl. We love her alot.

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